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    Watching Actual TKR surgeries....

    Please send me only the grossest. It will refresh my memory as to which TKR was worse #1 or #2. There better not be a #3 and #4!!! and yes you are loved!
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    Voltaren ointment

    Re: Voltaren as a topical pain reliever, it works wonders after you come off your stronger prescription pain meds. sometimes, even months after surgery and there is some pain and stiffness, Solaraze is terrific.
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    Voltaren ointment

    Re: Voltaren the Rx name for Voltaren is Solaraze in the US. It is a wonderful pain relief gel with minimal side effects. You can not take other NSAIDs while using it. Make sure your insurance covers it. It costs a fortune out of pocket. I used it for both TKRs and swear by it.
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    Another Surgery !!!!!

    Rosyn? This pm comes from Cutler's Lighting on Northern Blvd in Great Neck. Small world. wayne
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    Share your "Oh shucks" moment in recovery

    Re: Share your "Oh s**t" moment in recovery My 2nd day in the rehab, I wheeled myself into the bathroom and got stuck as I tried to turn around. I was banging against the 4 walls, the toilet and the sink. The bathroom was clearly not designed for big orthopedic wheel chairs. I had to be rescued...
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    Weight Gain on Pain Meds

    Glad it was not just me. What makes it so difficult is that by the time you need a TKR, you are no longer a teenager and the pounds gained are so very arduous to take off.
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    Weight Gain on Pain Meds

    Did anyone experience weight gain while on pain meds like Percocet? I have read that opiods increase your "sweet tooth" and I am sure the post surgical sedentary state of being does not help, but I have 10 lbs I would like to return to someone.
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    Hi y'all

    and if your surgeon is performing thousands of surgeries a year, how is that possible? it leaves no time for office visits I would imagine.
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    Hi y'all

    I have had both knees replaced last year and have developed a wonderful relationship with my surgeon and am glad not to be a faceless knee. If things go awry who does one see?
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    Hi y'all

    Let me ask you this then: according to my OS, it is a relatively simple surgery, amongst the most elementary in orthopedic surgery. If this is the case, and I have no reason to doubt him, why does one need a surgeon who does thousands of the same procedure over and over. How could they possibly...
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    Hi y'all

    Jo, back to my original question: doesn't this extraordinary number of 'knees per day' lend itself to factory medicine? A dear friend of mine had his done by a surgeon who does 12+ a day and his after surgery care was dreadful, he never saw the actual surgeon again only surgical assistants and...
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    Hi y'all

    You are suggesting a surgeon that does in the neighborhood of 10-12 surgeries per day? People I know who have gone to surgeons that do that many felt they were in a factory setting with minimal personal attention.
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    Scheduled for April to 2 new knees

    Had tkr #1 Jan 2008; Tkr #2 Aug 2008. I would be dishonest with you if I told you it was pain-free or that pain is not an issue in the short-term. Keeping ahead of your pain by strictly adhering to your Rx schedule is critical. Catch up is no man's land. It doesn't work. Once you and your OS...
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    Two days and out the door

    Was your surgery a full TKR or minimally invasive? I had both kness done last year (separated by 6 mos) and I have to admit, I have never heard of such a rapid recovery.
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    Lovenox shots

    I gave myself Lovenox shots after both knees. The needle is so small you will never feel it. It prevents DVT (blood clots) so it is a necessary post surgical thing to do.


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