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    Knee Infection* Multiple Revisions; What's Next?

    That's interesting. During my first round of IV antibiotics in March2019, I landed in the hospital when my bp rose to 230/130 after 4 weeks on iv vancomycin plus an oral ab. He switched me to a combination of oral antibiotics for six months after that, but my bp stayed stubbornly high for the...
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    Knee Infection* Multiple Revisions; What's Next?

    You should ask to be refered to an infectious disease specialist. For me, the procedure was 6 weeks of iv followed by 6 months of oral antibiotics, then a period of an antibiotic "holiday" before drawing synovial fluid for testing. I'm having weekly blood tests done to measure evaluate...
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    Knee Infection* DSJ's knee Saga

    It looks like the hunting trip isnt going to happen. It's the first time in 32 years that we'll miss. Yesterday was supposed to be my last PT session, but after evaluation, we decided to continue for two more weeks. I can walk short distances without my cane, but I really do need it to...
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    Knee Infection* DSJ's knee Saga

    We went out in my shop yesterday and did a bit of mechanical work. This morning, we have our feet up to recover a bit.
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    PKR Kiwigal Recovery Thread

    Every knee is different. It will tell you if you've over worked it. Its tricky to find the right balance of exercise and rest. Ive begun to think of it as of having a certain amount of knee to use each day, and then rest elevation after that.
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    Knee Infection* DSJ's knee Saga

    Since this is my third time doing the same PT program, i've gotten to know what to expect. Right now my ROM and flexibility is very good, so the focus is on building strength, especially in my quads. My body had to relearn how to use them. It was very cool to watch and feel as my...
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    Knee Infection* DSJ's knee Saga

    It's been 8 weeks since surgery. Ive been getting more excercise trying to build my stamina back. Each revision is taking longer to heal, but i guess that's just the nature of it. At this point in my initial tkr and first revision I was able to balance on one leg on the new knee side...
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    Knee Scars - Post Your Badges of Honor Here! NO CHIT-CHAT please

    8 weeks post op. Not bad, eh?
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    Knee Infection* Failed Two-Stage Revision - what now?

    The method is to do a 2-step surgery. First, they explant the infected prosthesis, then they do a debridement of the knee cavity, flush it with an antiseptic, followed by irrigation with a large amount of saline. After that the Incision is temporarily closed, and the linens are changed...
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    Knee Infection* DSJ's knee Saga

    I had a pretty busy week so far. 2 physio sessions 2 blood tests 1 appointment with my Infectious disease doc. 1 appointment with the internal specialist. One of the blood tests was a bit more involved than I anticipated. They gave me a dose of potassium, followed by 2 litres of saline...
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    Knee Infection* Failed Two-Stage Revision - what now?

    My surgeon uses a regular knee implant with antibiotic laced glue rather than a cement spacer. His process is to leave it in until it works loose before proceeding to the second stage He says that he has some that are still solid after 5 years.
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    Knee Infection* My L T K R Diary 2020

    On my first revision, my crp settled in at the low teens for several months. We decided that several things other than my knee implant were at fault. The numbers were always up when the arthritis in my other knee and my shoulder flared up.
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    Knee Infection* DSJ's knee Saga

    Followup appointment today. Still lots of inflammation. Had xrays taken of my prosthesis. The wide spacing indicates a large plastic spacer that was needed because they had to trim back bone over two replacements. The dark line around the bottom implant indicates the weakened glue that...
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    Knee Infection* DSJ's knee Saga

    Today's feeling pretty good. Getting the PICC out feels like a similar milestone compared having the staples removed. Physio went well, bend is 0-124° , upped the weights on the leg presses. Hit 6 km on the stationary bike in 10 minutes and 1000 steps on the glyder in 10 min. I was all...


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