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    Happy Thanksgiving

    On this Thanksgiving Day I have to pause and give thanks to everyone on this site that has helped me through the last four months since my THR. Especially Josephine. You have been an immense blessing for me, and I am forever grateful. God bless all who are here, all who are preparing for...
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    Took a fall

    Thank you so very much everyone! I am doing better today. I iced it, and took some pain meds, and doing good today. I think I'm kind of sore all over. I'm so clumsy. But thank you .... thank you.... thank you!!! Debra
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    Took a fall

    Totally agree. I would not have gone to work today! Or maybe I would have..just that stubborn. Seriously though, with my back issues and other things, it's just going to take a few days to shake it all off. Thanks so much! Deb
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    Took a fall

    Hi all, I had my surgery 6/16 and I guess that makes me about 4 months out. I was getting out of my computer chair last night and took two steps and somehow tripped. I feel foward and right onto my right hip and elbow. It didn't hurt too bad when I did it, but I have been having terrible today...
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    POV from room.

    Wishing you a speedy and uncomplicated recovery! Debra
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    Back to Work Today!!

    SMILING - SMILING! Have a great day Joyce. Rest when you can, and enjoy the weekend! Debra
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    Back to Work Today!!

    One of the many things I've learned on this site is that everyone heals differently. Age, extent of initial damage, surgery types, etc., all play into the recovery period. My surgeon told me right from the beginning that I would be out of work 8-12 weeks. Had it been 12 weeks, I would not...
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    Back to Work Today!!

    Hi Laurie, Everyone heals at different rates with different needs. I have a one hour commute to my work so my doctor has been getting me back to work slowly. I started back on 8/26 (surgery on 6/16) working 2 days a week. I will start 3 days next week for a couple weeks and see how it goes. I...
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    UTI following THR

    Thanks. I thought maybe I should, but I just didn't want to bother him with something insignificant. I just called and they will let my surgeon know. I'll keep you posted. Debra
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    Crossing Legs After THR

    I have ceramic on metal and had no precautions. I did use the precautions for 6 weeks anyway, but I'm crossing my legs now without problems. Debra RTHR 6/16/08
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    UTI following THR

    okay... so I had a visit to the ER 11 days ago for upper abdominal pain that went into my upper back. Ended up having an endoscopy on Thursday. Well... I get a call from the ER last week with a message on my machine. Thought it was just one of those follow up survey things, so I didn't call...
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    How many of you have a leg length discrepancy following THR?

    Hi Patty, I was in so much pain and limped so bad before my surgery. I didn't even know I had such a discrepancy. I just knew I limped. It was my OS that told me about this. He thinks I've been walking "crooked" for so long that this is probably why I'm having such serious issues with my back...
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    Just when you think you've recovered!

    Hi All, Just when I thought I turned the corner for good... bam! I told my husband Saturday morning I really felt like I turned the corner. My hip and leg were feeling much better, although I still had numbness in my right buttock and thigh, everything else was good. Well, that was short...
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    How many of you have a leg length discrepancy following THR?

    I had a 3/4" discrepancy before my surgery, so any lengthening was a blessing. According my surgeon I am pretty even now. As the joint settles he told me my leg could go a little shorter again, but they would keep an eye on it. I know what it feels like to have a leg length discrepancy. I had a...
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    air travel

    Hi, I didn't have any problem. I was on a plane to Washington, DC not even 4 weeks out from my surgery. I have a ceramic head, metal post and metal cup, not sure of alloy. I told the TSA person that I had just had hip replacment and didn't know if I would set off the detector. I didn't, and I...


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