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  1. crazycatlady 6-20-2011

    Constipation and stool softeners

    In the group home I work at, we make a thing called "Power Pudding" The recipe isn't exact as it comes out different each time, so sometimes we add a little more or a little less, but here is the recipe. Take a 18oz container of prunes 1 good cup of water simmer together till almost all the...
  2. crazycatlady 6-20-2011

    Patello femoral resurfacing

    Hopper, I was replying to mdb070371's thread about a patella femoral resurfacing. The patella femoral replacement is different from a partial replacement. PKR's do work well for people. Its the PFR's that don't seem to work well.
  3. crazycatlady 6-20-2011

    Patello femoral resurfacing

    I had a patella femoral replacement back in june of 2011. I was happy with it for about 6 months. After going back to my OS to complain about it just not feeling right and still having pain with going up/down stairs like before surgery, he tells me that most OS don't like to do PFR because of...
  4. crazycatlady 6-20-2011

    PKR recovery time after knee scope

    After having a patello femoral replacement done back in 2011 things were going pretty good till the last 6 months when I had an increase in pain, stiffness and just about the same pain before my replacement. The Dr. scoped my knee on 2-20 and repaired a small meniscus tear, frayed torn cartlidge...
  5. crazycatlady 6-20-2011

    TKR gel injections after surgery

    Well I got a hold of the radiologist report on my knee and I have bone spurs on the medial and lateral side of my knee and narrowing of the space medial side. So, now do I do the Synvisc injections or just insist on being scoped????? I just want my knee to feel better!!!!!!
  6. crazycatlady 6-20-2011

    TKR gel injections after surgery

    Thanks for the replies. He said my x-rays look perfect. Everything is in its place, patella tracks in its groove. For some reason when walking or riding my bike I get a burning under the knee cap and my knee continues to swell. If you place your hand over my knee cap and I bend my knee you...
  7. crazycatlady 6-20-2011

    TKR gel injections after surgery

    I had a patella femoral replacement June of 2011. Went in today for my 1 yr check up. Dr. said he was sorry that the procedure wasn't more sucessful. I'm basically in as much pain as before surgery. He now wants to try gel injections in the knee first, if that doesn't help, then he will...
  8. crazycatlady 6-20-2011

    The Last Straw

    At the age of 40 I had to quit running due to the pain in knees. Then walking became no fun due to pain. Going up/down stairs made me feel like I was 100 yrs old. Then at the age of 47 teaching a 1 hour dog obedience class would cause me pain for days afterward. So, I decided it was time to...
  9. crazycatlady 6-20-2011

    PKR Greda's PKR recovery

    Hi Greda, I'm sorry to hear about your Dr's appt. I was very interested when the Dr. used the term overstuffed. When people ask how my knee feels the only term I can come up with is "it feels too full". Is this how your knee feels? Did the Dr. explain anymore about "overstuffed Patella's?"...
  10. crazycatlady 6-20-2011

    PKR Greda's PKR recovery

    Hi Greda, I have the cysts in my knees too. From what I understood from my OS it is fluid that your knee makes to try to protect the joint. I still have a cyst that will form on the outer side of my knee and behind it when I work it too hard. Have you seen the x-rays of my knees on my...
  11. crazycatlady 6-20-2011

    TKR 2 weeks out

    Have you been out snowshoeing? Would be nicer if we had more snow. I went out this morning for about an hour. Wish the snow gods would dump big time on us!!!!
  12. crazycatlady 6-20-2011

    PKR one step forward, 2 backward

    Hey, Thanks for coffee, it was nice catching up. And good luck on your project at work. I forgot to tell you that a couple weekends ago I went out dancing. Found out the knee can rock and roll again!!!:dancy: Your knee is doing great, now we just need some snow so you, Nancy and I can snowshoe!
  13. crazycatlady 6-20-2011

    PKR PKR post op questions

    Hi Judy, It is very normal to feel tired at this stage. I got very tired from doing what I felt was very little activity even at 3 months post op. It took probably 3-4 months before I could really get a good nights sleep. I would leave my ice on my knee all through the night. Make sure you...
  14. crazycatlady 6-20-2011

    PKR one step forward, 2 backward

    I'm very happy tonight. We got a good 6 inches of snow overnight with a lot of blowing snow today. Was able to get out and see what my new knee thinks about snowshoeing. Miss Kitty (yellow lab) and I were able to get a good half hour in. And, my knee still feels pretty good hours later...
  15. crazycatlady 6-20-2011

    Bilateral TKR feeling of steel bands around knees

    I also have tightness, especially when I have done too much walking or bike riding or when I go from a gym shoe to a dress shoe. It is a sign of swelling that makes it feel tight from what I understand. I also have some burning under my knee cap also. My OS said all this is normal and to just...

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