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    Sleep oh how I long to sleep

    Tari, Glad tp know that you are sleeping better. The stiffness will also gradually disappear. Hang in there!
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    Sleep oh how I long to sleep

    Tari, It took me about 8 weeks until I was sleeping in my own bed. It did help me if I went to bed with an ice pack. It was not pleasant trying to fine a confortable position. It will get better! Diane
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    knee replacement

    Hi Andy. Your doctor will be able to tell you if a knee replacement is necessary by looking at your x-rays. I am 56 and had my replacement 9 weeks ago. It has been good for me. I would do it again. Diane
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    stiffness after surgery

    I had my surgery on April 6. Still have stiffness is I sit too long or ride in the car for a long time. I still cannot walk up and down the stairs normally, have to take them one at a time. Went to my doctor on June lst. Said I was doing just fine. He said I am 75% healed and the other 25%...
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    Wife too young for replacements?

    I would get a second opinon. It is all about quality of life for your wife.
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    stiffness after surgery

    HI, My surgery was 7 weeks ago. Still have stiffness. I think it is getting better. My doctor ***ured me it would gradually leave, but could take a couple of months. A friend of mine was away from work for 12 weeks. I do not work outside the home, but would not be ready at all at the point...
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    stiffness after surgery

    I am in my 5th week of recovery after total knee replacement. I have a 90 degree bend, am walking up and down stairs, using a cane. I have some stiffness in my knee. The doctor says this is normal and will eventually disappear. Is this normal and how long do I need to put up with it. It is...


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