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    THR RTHR - It’s a Christmas Miracle!!

    Thank you both! The swimming/water aerobics helped tremendously.
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    THR Seeking Advice, Need Both Hips Replaced

    Hi. I understand your dilemma as I was just there myself. I live in PA, and my insurance company would not approve surgery until I got down to 40 BMI. However, they just approved it as “medically necessary” and not elective. I did have to lose 20 pounds, which I lost by going swimming and taking...
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    THR RTHR - It’s a Christmas Miracle!!

    My insurance company called me today and they have approved my surgery! They said I’ve done everything I needed to do to fit the criteria. I’ve lost 18 lbs, take water aerobics, have a nutritionist and am otherwise healthy. I’m super excited and grateful. All that is left is to get on the...
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    THR BrandyinPA Recovery

    Layla, can you fix my username? It should read Brandy, I accidentally left off the “d”.
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    THR BrandyinPA Recovery

    Thanks everyone!
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    THR BrandyinPA Recovery

    Update: I think I found my doctor! He listed to me as I was in tears by the time I got to his office, which is a 45 minute drive from my home. I was in so much pain because my right hip is the worst, which of course is my driving leg. Well, this doctor (Dr. Scheel - thanks @Me2!) also said the...
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    THR BrandyinPA Recovery

    Thank you!
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    THR BrandyinPA Recovery

    Hi there. The reason I had to fight for Celebrex (which is not a narcotic) is because my old Ortho doc doesn’t care about me as a person. All he saw is that I’m overweight and so he really didn’t want to hear anything from me. He looked at me as if to say “why are you here?”. I’m also unsure...
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    THR BrandyinPA Recovery

    Thank you everyone for your help. I asked my Ortho doc for celebrex which helps take the edge off the pain. I had to practically beg for that. I’m looking for a new surgeon, I’ll update with a surgery date once I get one.
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    THR BrandyinPA Recovery

    I’m a recovering addict, so pain medication is a concern because my body doesn’t know the difference between cocaine purchased illegally and opioids gotten by prescription. So I have to be careful what I take. Thank you for your advice. I’ll be sure to take whatever I’m given as directed...
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    THR BrandyinPA Recovery

    Hi @Jockette. I was asking her a specific question about the member's surgery. I wasn’t asking a general question of the forum.
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    THR BrandyinPA Recovery

    Hi. How did your second surgery go? I’m also in recovery and concerned about the pain meds.
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    THR Overweight & Overwhelmed - Need THR

    :bawl: This emoji perfectly represents how I've been feeling for the past few years. I am in need of bi-lateral total hip replacements. Admittedly I am overweight. I have been told by no less than six surgeons that I need to lose 75 - 100 pounds before they would even consider surgery. I...


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