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    New To Forum and Pretty Scared

    Of course you're afraid and concerned. If you weren't, your recovery would not go as well as it will. I had my first THR at 55 and was back at work in 6 weeks. The total recovery (until I felt normal) took about 3 months but a lot of that was making sure to follow the hip restrictions. Take it...
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    looks like i made it

    Unless you had an anterior like me, don't cross your legs until you get the Dr. go ahead. When I had my posterior, I think it was close to a year before I started doing that again. Work on getting the muscles supporting the joint strong again.
  3. bobslp

    looks like i made it

    Hey folks! It's been a while since I posted. When school let out in May, I started working on my property and barely made it to the computer. I spent a lot of time in 100+ degree heat, winching some dead willow tres out of my pond by hand and then cutting them up with a chain saw and etc. I...
  4. bobslp

    looks like i made it

    I have come to realize that you are right. I still have a lot of pain in the flexor and the PT thinks it is actually quad pain. The flexors are still weak and painful but I think much of that is due to the condition they were in before surgery. I did manage to hit all my PT goals, get down on...
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    Hip Flexor Pain!!

    I also forgot to add, when I lie on my back or sit with my legs stretched out, I get a dull ache in my knee. Specifically the internal part of the knee. Anyone else having this?
  6. bobslp

    Hip Flexor Pain!!

    Let me add to this post with my concerns. I have had pain from my anterior THR right around the scar area sincethe surgery on April 3. The pain is right where I see the psoas muscles described. One of my goals was to be able to squat down and when I first tried it, I had pain but as able to get...
  7. bobslp

    38yr old male with AVN

    Hi Tim, You have indeed found a great resource. Although you will heal quickly at your age, you need to be aware that the amount of bending, squatting, stooping etc. that plumbing requires is going to be contraindicated for a few weeks post THR so you might as well the downtime count for...
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    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but I'm sure Jo will redirect if not. I started a new book this morning and right off the bat I was introduced to the stages of chronicity by an author named Gregg. While reading it I was struck by the similarities to so many posts here on...
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    THR SuziGirl's Recovery Thread - Fell on 4y.o. THR

    I found out the hard way this time around that there is no "should" where the recovery process is concerned. I did find out that if you overdo, you will pay.
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    THR anterior hip and nerve damage

    Ok, so does your feel really tight around the numb area. Mine does but when I move it or knead it, it doesn't feel as tight as I thought. Maybe the tightness is a perception due to the sensory involvement..
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    THR New hippie lady is home

    Reading this takes me back the April 7th when I made it home. So glad you made it. Just wait 6 weeks and see what happens.
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    THR anterior hip and nerve damage

    So how is your numbness? At my 6 wk follow up, the Dr. said, you guessed it, lateral femoral nerve involvement. He compared it to having a huge hit to the funny bone. I think mine is s l o w l y starting to wake up. Really, I don't notice it that much unless something touches it. The muscles...
  13. bobslp

    looks like i made it

    Well, I am by no means completely healed. My flexors and piriformis are still extremely tight but when I walk, it's amazing. Looking back, I think the hip was giving me problems for a long time but the pain was either less than the back pain I have or was somehow mixed with it so I didn't...
  14. bobslp

    First post post-op

    Don't keep us in suspense, let's hear some more!
  15. bobslp

    First full day at home after 5/10/12 surgery

    You sound a lot like someone else I know on this forum:redface:. It sound like you are doing well. just listen to what Jo has to say and take it easy. Listen to your body! That was the hardest thing I had to learn. When it says do, do when it says rest, get to bed. Did you have an anterior...


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