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    Problems with Tramadol (ultram)

    Hi Everyone, I am about five months out from having hip and knee replacement surgery during the same week. I've been taking Tramadol for almost a year now, including pre and post op. I've never taken more than prescribed, never abused, etc but I am having a very difficult time coming off...
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    cant sleep!!!!

    I knew someone who took Ambien and he woke up one morning on the floor next to the fridge with a bunch of food all over the place, some of which he'd eaten. Weird! I am almost 4 weeks out from TKR and I still have sleep problems. Sometimes I end up in a recliner after 4am just to snooze. I'm...
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    One week post op - TKR & THR

    I feel excellent. I'm getting around with a cane just fine, and I'm about 99% independent. Still taking some pain meds, but usually just for Physical Therapy. I'll hopefully be going back to work in a few weeks. /Bb
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    One week post op - TKR & THR

    ^^ Yeah, that was pretty much my attitude. Since I'm still relatively young (31) I figured it would be best to get them both out of the way at the same time. A few hard weeks in exchange for 20 years of pain-free living. In the hospital I got a lot of "Why are you doing them both?!?"...
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    7 days out and hurting

    I am two weeks out from LTKR and I felt the burn. It was so bad I didn't want to ever stand up, but it slowly disappeared and I now I don't have any burn. I still have my staples in, but the incision is what causes the knee to burn when you stand up. As your incision heals, the burn will...
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    Surgery is day after tomorrow & I am freaking out!!

    Good luck! You will look back on this post and chuckle, because the surgery will be easier than you expected. I just had my second hip done two weeks ago, and I feel great! I don't even think about my hip much anymore, and the incision hurt more than the actual joint. Your first few days...
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    One week post op - TKR & THR

    Thanks for the support everyone. I'm two weeks out now and feel GREAT. I'll keep updating my blog and poking around here as well ;) Ice is the key to knee happiness!
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    One week post op - TKR & THR

    So, I'm finally home! I had my hip replaced last Monday and my knee replaced last Thursday (same side). Everything went very well, and I am anxious to get started on PT and bending. Still taking pain meds, but I feel like my incisions hurt more than the actual joints. I'll keep everyone posted...
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    Second THR coming up...

    I just posted over in knee, since I'm having knee and hip done in the same week, but I have my second THR coming up in the beginning of March. I had my last one in 2000...getting nervous but also excited to be pain free :) Has anyone else here had hip and knee replacement in the same week...
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    Problems with having hip and knee done the same week?

    Time is getting close. I'm having a lot of trouble with pain management, and frankly getting tired of doctors making me feel like a drug addict when i ask for pain help. Right now I'm taking Tramadol, which helps, but doesn't get me through the day. I'll update my blog with some new pre-op...
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    Problems with having hip and knee done the same week?

    Thanks for the encouragement everyone. My kids are 3 1/2 and 8 months, so I'm really looking forward to being pain free and ready to play with them again. My first hip replacement in 2000 went very well, and I'm hoping for similar experiences this time around!
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    Problems with having hip and knee done the same week?

    Hello Everyone, I posted yesterday and have been thinking about my situation ever since finding this board. I am having my left hip done on a Monday, then my left knee done that Thursday. Both joints are in very rough shape, I cannot make it through a normal day anymore without substantial...
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    Do I or don't I?

    Re: Confused, concerned and cranky - possible TKR Welcome, I'm new here too :) I'm only 30 but I've already had a hip done (nine years ago) and I'm getting ready to have my other hip and one knee done in March. I'm really looking forward to a pain-free life, and being able to hold my baby again!
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    Knee and Hip replacement coming up...

    Hi Everyone, I just found this forum and it looks awesome! I'm a 30/m getting ready to have knee and hip replacement in March 2009. I already had one hip done about eight years ago, so I'm familiar with the process, but this will be my first TKR. I started a blog and wanted to make...


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