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    THR Pain after standing on one leg

    I'm not sure about letting it completely heal itself. You still have to do the physio. I'm going once a week and he makes me ride the bike for 30 mins and then the elliptical for another 30. Then stretches and some other work. I don't feel that it's too much for me. Being my size I'm actually...
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    THR Pain after standing on one leg

    That kinda makes sense to me. I'll give it a try and see how I get on with it. Thanks
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    THR Pain after standing on one leg

    Thanks for all these amazing replies. I only just saw them and I really appreciate all your replies. As to djklaugh The date was the 5th of April. I had my right hip replaced posteriorly (I think that's a word) I chose that to do it this way because the surgeon I used was highly recommended...
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    THR Pain after standing on one leg

    Hi, I had my hip replaced 7 weeks ago after DDH. Posterior approach. One of the exercises I was asked to do was standing on the leg that was operated on and moving around the other one. However, when I stop standing on the leg, when I stand up normally again I get a weird sensation for a few...


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