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    Hippies scars - post your badges of honor here: NO CHIT-CHAT HERE PLEASE

    I hope that link works, mine is rather big i think also i had to have lots of reconstruction to the hip socket etc !
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    it is PROPOFOL!!!!

    We do indeed Judles, its the best feeling in the world when they give you something to stop the pain!
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    I'm 21 undergoing LHR on July 15 - need pre OP and post OP advises please

    Hey Tapan I turned 21 on monday and had a hip replacement on the 1st june, i sound similar to you, i've had arthritis since the age of 5 and basically its just torn its way through my joints, but badly affecting my hips. Before surgery like your self the basic activities of life were...
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    it is PROPOFOL!!!!

    creblue - i had a uti that i was unaware of also!! just what we need to hear, but you'll be fine! I had sedation, as the dr called it 'dont give a dam' and i really didnt! he gave me a small amount before the epidural, and all i remember is a slight scratch on my back then next thing im waking...
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    thank you for all your lovely words :) it really is cool beans! my birthday was extra special yesterday...feel like life is beginning! had my stitches out also and that feels a lot more comfortable!!!
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    aww thanks everyone :) you're words are so true - the waiting is the worst part! and rest and excercise is an important combination! Im 21 on monday - and have been given a new start :D
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    howdy there!! well i survived!! i've been in for 11 - days! the day of surgery is a bit of a blur, something just took over inside me and i felt nothing but calm!! I was first down at 8 am - I had sedation and an epidural, i can honestly say i hardly felt a thing - and i rememeber nothing...
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    well the big day is almost here!! just want to thank everyone for your support and reassurance! look forward to my post op posts!! x
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    Pre-Surgery Jitters - HELP!!!

    Hi Rachel Thanks for that advice its really good, i've started to think okay what are my worries and then find answers and solutions to them, and as you say most things have a rational answer to them :) I like the comparison to having a baby, im sure thinking to my self that when that time...
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    Pre-Surgery Jitters - HELP!!!

    Thats great Steph - we both have something to aim for :) I will be thinking about you on the tuesday, its nice (but not!) to know someone else going through the same, im sure pretty soon we will both be looking back at these posts feeling proud of what we achieved! :)
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    waking up from anesthesia

    Hey Jamie - yep my mum and dad will be with me, i've already said i want my mum to come down with me why they sort me out, and really want her to be there when i wake up, just for reassurance :) Thanks Kim its so reassuring to know people have been there done it and survived :)
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    Thanks Irene i will sure keep in touch on here to let you know how it goes :D
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    Pre-Surgery Jitters - HELP!!!

    My surgery is in a weeks time (june 1st) and i am terrified, i keep crying and wanting to cancell it also! They are hoping to do both hips at the same time, i hope they can as then i wont have to go through it all again a week later, its very very scary!!! :s
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    Hi am new here n i need hlp. Have to do a hip replacement surgery am so scared.

    I've had excitement too but the fear soon takes over! i will sure remember that advice judy :)
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    waking up from anesthesia

    I've got my op a week tomorrow and boy am i nervous!! The aneathatist told me i would have an epidural but a light anaesthetic, he also told me because of my neck being fused they would have to intubate me whilst im awake, this terrifies me and i really hope they give me some sedation! im a...


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