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    THR Ariel back on his feet (almost)

    On June 11 2019 I wrote " All in all it is going well except for pain in my knee that pre op I had put down to the hip but it is still with me and may be the result of hitting a tree at about 30 mph on a motorcycle in 2004. The registrar in A&E told me at the time that it may cause problems in...
  2. Ariel

    THR Ariel back on his feet (almost)

    Thank you both, I am taking it very easy with no lifting, no twisting etc. It was obviously under a general anesthetic and took about two hours. I was dreading being put under but it was ok, I came around able to talk and was ravenously hungry as opposed to the slurring and vomiting mess that I...
  3. Ariel

    THR Ariel back on his feet (almost)

    I had my spinal surgery on Saturday (I did have to pay however) and although the wound site is rather sore the debilitating pain that I have lived with for over a year seems to have gone as has the constant feeling that I needed to use the toilet. I am home now and taking life a bit easy.
  4. Ariel

    THR Ariel back on his feet (almost)

    I have compression between L1&L2, surgery should have happened on March 30 but it was cancelled due to C19. On April 6 I was in severe pain (Groin and Calf) and was only able to crawl and ended up in A&E on morphine, since then I have controlled the pain with large doses of Codeine and taking...
  5. Ariel

    THR Ariel back on his feet (almost)

    As I thought the pain was not related to the THRs but is spinal and I am down for surgery.
  6. Ariel

    THR Ariel back on his feet (almost)

    Thank you Layla, I hope that you are well. The hip itself is fine but I am having pain in the backs of my legs (calf, thigh and buttock), it is worse in the recently operated leg. It is more like muscular spasm than actual pain and may be caused by arthritis in my spine I think. I have not been...
  7. Ariel

    THR Ariel back on his feet (almost)

    Coming up to my four month Layla, thanks for asking. Surgeon very pleased with my progress and I am signed off physio now. I walk between 10000 and 15000 steps everyday mostly carrying a 5Kg camera bag and binoculars. I did not race my motorcycle this season but in retrospect I could have been...
  8. Ariel

    THR bone pain/ limp

    You are in the UK, I suggest an appointment with your GP or a visit to A&E.
  9. Ariel

    THR Mayhip8's recovery thread

    I had this in 2011, show it to a Dr. My infection was monitored and treatment sought out by my Physio. Taking photos will not heal it.
  10. Ariel

    THR Weakness in thigh & buttock at 11 weeks^

    Could not agree more and it is a minority here that have such a negative attitude to PT. In England we receive PT routinely after surgery but not in Scotland, this is more to do with economics north of the border rather than sound medical practice. I owe a lot to my Physio Therapist as I do to...
  11. Ariel

    THR Ariel back on his feet (almost)

    Physio today, this is the third time that this particular physio has worked on me over the years and it was nice to catch up again. Getting to Hospital was a PITA as the weather was horrible meaning I had to lace my boots rather than slipping on sandals. I can just about manage the operated boot...
  12. Ariel

    THR Ariel back on his feet (almost)

    14 days post op so a bit of an update. Staples removed by the nurse at my GP surgery this morning and most came out easily but a few put up a fight. I am walking everyday with crutches but at home I either use one crutch or at times none. I am no longer on pain killers and am limiting myself to...
  13. Ariel

    THR Ariel back on his feet (almost)

    Thanks, I think some of us need it more than others. My previous op resulted in an internal stitch hanging out through the staples becoming slightly infected and it was my physio that monitored my condition and fast tracked me through A&E for antibiotics.
  14. Ariel

    THR Ariel back on his feet (almost)

    Thank you, that sounds similar to what happened in 2011. Although private the protocols will be the same so I just wait for my appointment now.
  15. Ariel

    THR Ariel back on his feet (almost)

    Quick question for the UK based. When should I start formal physio at the hospital rather than the exercises I was sent home with? Remembering my previous op it was shortly after having the staples removed but I know that some of the British protocols have changed since then.


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