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    Double Hip Replacements at 17, Aug 28, 2018
  1. emilyyy36

    Hi everyone, I just talked to Line and Jamie from BoneSmart and was encouraged to post a thread about my story. I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and avascular necrosis at the age of 14 after having major flare ups at both the ages of two and twelve.

    Despite the flare ups, I continued playing sports until around the time of being diagnosed the summer before my freshman year of high school. From the lack of blood flow due to the AVN, my hips deteriorated quickly so by my junior year of high school, my family and I decided that I could not continue on without getting some sort of new hips. That June, we met with my rheumatologist who ordered xrays that proved that I truly could not continue on with life without receiving a bilateral hip replacement. So that August, both of my hips were replaced.

    That December, I headed to live in Brazil for a year where I was able to live the life I lost in high school. I also had the opportunity to visit Thailand, Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay. I lived so many experiences in that year that would not have been possible if it weren't for the surgery. I'm now a college student working towards becoming a physical therapist so i can help patients the same way my physical therapists helped me.

    I hope that this thread reaches many people out there who are younger and also are going through the process of receiving joint replacements. It's a daunting procedure but the life you will have after going through with it, will be filled with opportunity and gratitude like you've never had before!

    I have a few YouTube videos that I created a few years ago, during the process of doctors appointments and pre and post op:

    I wish everyone the best in all that's to come!

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  3. Josephine

    I wouldn't worry about the material at this moment. First find a surgeon who will do a THR on a 13yr old. That's the biggest challenge.

    However, I know Essex and know there is no-one there who will do such a young person.
    The best I can suggest is Matthew Wilson at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital
    I know it's a trek but better to know for sure that he will do your daughter.

  4. Update on teen who had both hips replaced, Apr 28, 2018
  5. tbatt9

    Its been some time since I posted about my then 15 year old son and both his hip replacements. I thought I would take the opportunity to post here about his excellent recovery as a way to encourage others who like us agonized over the decision to have their kid go through all this. I'm not sure if I did it right but below I will try to post the link to a prior thread that I started that discussed his story in detail.

    The bottom line is we are so very glad that we made the decision to proceed even at his age. The prognosis for him was grim without undergoing this as he likely would have had increased pain and immobility ending with him being wheelchair bound. But the thought of such a young kid having to have bilateral hip replacement was overwhelming. All the fears of complications and risks and the likely need for future revisions cost us tons of anxiety and uncertainty as to what to do.

    But today I am so proud of my son and what he's accomplished. He has fully recovered and to watch him walk around and enjoy his senior year in high school has been such a blessing for us. He has now been accepted at the University of Florida (Go Gators! :)) where he will be a college freshman in the Fall. The size of that campus would have proven extremely difficult for him to get around but for his successful surgeries.

    For all you parents searching on line for answers I encourage you to listen to the people who post here as they were invaluable to us as we went through all this. Also don't listen to anyone who tells you your teen just has to wait and get older, and suffer for many more years before this surgery is indicated. That's old school thinking and would leave kids like mine to the fate of watching all their peers move on through the best years of their life while they sit on the sidelines in pain. That is not acceptable.

    Good luck to all who find who find themselves dealing with these same issues for their kids. The truth is they too can be helped and God willing have great outcomes like our son.

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  12. tbatt9

    I've posted previously about our son Matthew and his bilateral hip problems. After much agonizing we've decided to proceed with hip replacements. His issues are different than what most experience in that his pain isn't the typical bone on bone arthritic pain but appears to be from deep bone pain due to necrotic bone inside his femoral heads and due to the abnormal anatomy which has both sockets flat and shallow. He's basically been having a slow motion collapse of his femoral heads due to the dead bone inside them. Instead of round balls his look more flat like mushrooms.

    Lifestyle wise he has become increasingly sedentary over the last year since his diagnosis. Basically he can't stand for very long without needing to sit or lean on something. He can still do most things but it's harder and he pays the price later.

    The hardest thing is to know if we are jumping the gun by electing to do this now on a kid so young. The surgeon basically says its up to us to decide if the pain is effecting him enough to merit it. But some days when he's just sitting around he has little to no pain. But then again that's the problem. A 15 year old shouldn't feel like he can't get off the couch without pain. But by going through this now his life is forever changed and he will wind up needing revisions in future as he wears these out. But his quality of life this year has really gone down hill and is unlikely to improve without this.

    So that's his story. We are sick with worry about it but have decided at least for now to go through with it in couple days.


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