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    BoneSmart = best recovery!, Jun 27, 2019
  1. ceezee

    I was a little concerned about using it so early at first. But when I researched I found that hospitals use it to help wounds heal I understood it was going to be fine.

    It is very soothing to use and easy to apply. Just remember to really shake the bottle first. My incision healed very quickly. I have to admit I’m generally a quick healer but this was fast even for me.

    I also now use the Palmers Cocoa with Vitamin E in addition because my incision was still kind of bumpy and gnarly. That softens and keeps it more moist. It somehow does that without being sticky or wet.

    I like the combination. For my next hip I’m going to use the Active Scar Shield as soon as my dressing is off, 4 days post surgery, and start the Palmers later.

    I have an appointment with my dermatologist for my bi-annual checkup before the next surgery and I’m going to ask for her thoughts. She’s very practical. It’s definitely going to help when I have my next basal cell carcinoma. :heehee: