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    ...(& a subsequent call to the neurosurgeon to have it turned back on) & every 6 mos. or so when Abbott does a software upgrade for the controller the upgrade is performed & installed automatically through my wifi (and the Apple updates are done the same way). #crps #spinalcordstimulator
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    ...shoved up my left leg & couldn't tolerate anything touching my knee (even a sheet). After a couple of months I was tested & diagnosed with CRPS Type II. A specialist did RFA every 6-7 mos. (when nerves regenerated) and I had some relief. I also took Gabapentin every day. The Doctor said I...
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    THR 2 Years out, still a lot of pain - anyone else?

    ...It can be quite maddening to say the least. With my TKR eight years ago, I developed RSD, or what is now called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). It can happen to a few, not many people. Genetically, our family does seem to have hyper-sensitive immune systems which can exaggerate...
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    ...from the surgery site. My quality of life has not been great. I go to a Pain Management Clinic at our local hospital. They now think I have CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome). My question is - has anybody had continuing nerve pain from their TKR's that has developed into this...

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