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  1. B

    THR Great News--for me--Hospital for Special Surgery...

    I had Mako robotic assist. It was my only THR so I have nothing to compare it to. I can paraphrase the discussion with my surgeon. He has been an OS for over 30 years and described how things have been done and how they have changed throughout his career during the initial consultation. When...
  2. _Annie_

    TKR Suggestions needed for “tight band” feeling

    #Stiff Knee NC, I know that stiff tight band feeling well. Had that for months before my TKR along with swelling above the knee. Also had it after the surgery till about 2 weeks ago. It was after I started doing stair stretches that I noticed that the stiff feeling was starting to go away. I...
  3. Celle

    TKR 3 weeks and counting

    @eliza61nyc - Please re-read this article - Sleep deprivation is pretty much inevitable - but what causes it? that was left for you in the recovery Guidelines, (Post #2). Did you read those articles, or did you miss them because you lost your thread? Sleep disturbance is very normal...
  4. Peaches0000

    TKR 10 Weeks 3 days PostOp

    Suomi48, you sound totally normal-this is not for the faint of heart-I am at 8 weeks today post right TKR and on my way to work-ugh-I could have used a couple of more weeks of work off-The Dr wrote light duty, but who has a job like that? You do what is expected of you, I crawled after 8 hrs of...
  5. VSlowLife

    THR Lateral entry, no restrictions!

    You are doing well! Congratulations with hip #2! :yes!:
  6. Celle

    Arthroscopy Post op meniscus surgery

    @chica , I have moved your post, above, from the October Feisties surgery list thread, since that is a essentially just for listing who is having surgery around the same time as you are. Please read Jamie's post, Post #3, above, and reply to her. She has offered to help you.
  7. W

    Hip Infection* Westy's Hip Recovery Thread

    Good afternoon to all my online Hipster friends. I saw my ID doc this morning and unfortunately, she's very concerned about infection on the implants. What led her to this conclusion you ask? Well, as you may recall, I was quite optimistic as my wound (incision) drainage had subsided quite a bit...
  8. W

    Hip Infection* Westy's Hip Recovery Thread

    Hi all, This coming week I have: Monday: *NEW* (YESSSSS) home health care nurse to install a new dressing on my PICC line and another home health care person to draw blood for the gazillion weekly blood tests they run. After that, my first post op appointment with my GP. Tuesday: first in...
  9. D

    THR DesertDiva's Recovery Thread

    Birthday Update... I've been MIA lately because I was a little embarrassed about replying to comments and using the quote feature (which apparently I was doing wrong). I've also been in a bit of a funk lately as I've read about the sad loss of more than one person. My oldest brother in...
  10. Layla

    THR Juanita's Hip Recovery

    Well it's not his sciatic nerve being poked by a screw, so it may be no big deal to him, but obviously it's affecting you. I'm sorry. Please don't despair. I'm not understanding what this surgeon feels will change over the course of six weeks when you'll be one year post op. Or is he meaning one...
  11. Buttonbear

    THR Buttonbear’s recovery

    @Jaycey We have some of those in the loft, from holidays in the Lakes, so I will get my husband to get them down and certainly give them a try, thank you!!
  12. Buttonbear

    THR Buttonbear’s recovery

    Hi #Layla I now feel my hip is steadily growing stronger, week on week. I take a walk most days (on quiet stretches) and I’m sure that is helping my walking pattern. The aches and pains, although still present, are subsiding from the earlier weeks, but I find I still tire easily if I try to...
  13. W

    Hip Infection* Westy's Hip Recovery Thread

    Hello to all my online friends in the world of HIPPIES and HIPSTERS, Full Disclosure: I have cut my Norco intake by 50% over the last 2 days, so while I'm still a bit fuzzy, I'm in a much clearer frame of mind to share some of the details on surgery Number 3, and of course the recovery thus...
  14. B

    THR Had a bilateral CD, now have had a THR

    #Day48_post_THR Saw the surgeon yesterday. The visit started with radiology where x-rays of the operated leg were taken (one with my right and left legs flat and toes of both feet pointed toward each other - pigeon toe style; the other with just left leg bent at the knee and rotated outward...
  15. Buttonbear

    THR Buttonbear’s recovery

    Thank you @Layla for your gratefully received support. Yes, I’m afraid my limp got much worse as time passed and perhaps I’m more than a little anxious to be rid of it. I do try to remember heel to toe, I try to straighten my back to stop leaning forward, and try not to put more pressure on...
  16. jellycats

    TKR Jellycats' Recovery

    So not too long before the RTKR. Since this is knee #2 (and thanks to all the good advice from Bonesmart last year before and after knee #1) I have much less anxiety about the surgery and feel better prepared for the recovery. I have marshalled my resources for post-op -- ice, ice, and more ice...
  17. B

    THR Had a bilateral CD, now have had a THR

    Hello Fellow Hippies! How are you all doing? Happy love filled, joyful restful Valentine's day in advance! Its #Day34_post_LTHR and I'm doing ok. It still amazes me that I can put weight on my left leg without recoiling in pain. :egypdance: Muscle and knee soreness plus pain remains but its...
  18. B

    THR Had a bilateral CD, now have had a THR

    #Day20_post_THR Per Surgeon's orders, I'm still on celebrex, aspirin and extra strength tylenol but I have eased off on the meds some. He also asked me to massage the tissue around the incision to prevent scab tissue. The muscles in my leg have atrophied to the point where the left thigh is...
  19. Pumpkln

    TKR Energy

    HDW, Welcome to BoneSmart, glad you joined us. While uncommon we have members with myositis ossificans also known as heterotrophic ossification. Here is some information from our library. Heterotopic ossification Heterotopic ossification prophylaxis – an updated review Here is an interesting...
  20. C

    Revision THR Loose Acetabular cup - 10 days post Op

    I went in to see the surgeon around 4:00. He said that indeed the acetabular cup was loose and/or at an incorrect angle. He said that he didn't need a CT or MRI, that it was evident on the X-rays and that he wanted to "work me in" in the next two days. Apparently I have been at a higher risk for...

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