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Apply to have your hip or knee replacement facility highlighted in the BoneSmart® Clinic Locator by becoming a sponsor

Minimum refundable* tax-deductible sponsorship donation: $1,000/year. Payable with clinic application.

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* We strive to list the most experienced hip and knee replacement centers. In case your application is declined, your donation will be refunded in full.

Why the BoneSmart® Clinic Locator?

Every year millions of prospective patients visit to find support, information, and locate joint replacement surgeons in their area. We are here to facilitate their research and enable life changing – and enhancing – decisions. One of the ways we have done this is by hand-selecting the list of joint replacement surgery centers in our Clinic Locator – which enables prospective patients to connect with the most qualified and experienced hip and knee replacement surgeons.

Why sponsorship?

Clinics whose sponsorship applications are approved not only get added to the Clinic Locator, but also enjoy the additional exposure of a highlighted listing which appears near the top of any search in your geography. Sponsor clinics get more than 40x the exposure of non-sponsor listings. For clinics whose sponsorship applications are approved, the nominal donation helps cover administrative costs and support the Foundation’s patient outreach efforts.

How to apply:

Start by filling in the application form. Upon submission, your clinic’s application will be reviewed and you will be notified of the application status within five (5) business days. Upon approval of your application, your donation will be securely processed through PayPal, and your facility will be added to the Clinic Locator.

Non-Profit Status:

BoneSmart® is the consumer outreach division of The Foundation Advanced Research Medicine, Inc. (FARM)

“BoneSmart® and FARM…dedicated to improving the lives of people with orthopedic disabilities.”
– Richard M.Warner, CEO/Founder

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