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How to quote a post

Discussion in 'How To Use This Forum' started by Josephine, Jun 17, 2012.

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    First thing: it is not essential to hit reply in someone's post in order to make a new post so please don't do it as a routine.

    You only need to quote if you particularly want to respond to a post that is some way back, even on a previous page. But mostly people do it because they want to just address a particular point or two. In this case, you click one of the widgets in in the bottom right hand corner of the person's post. To learn more about this, look here "Like", "Agree" and other cute things to put on people's posts

    If you really, really must use "Quote This Message" when you will find all the quotes stored in the "Get Quotes" link just below the message box


    If you still want to edit the quote some, then just please be careful that you don't corrupt the coding. Here you can see it in red - edit only that text between the two square brackets - ] and [


    Better yet, use this "Quote Me" feature

    Quoting a snippet of a post.

    First select the text you want to quote by mouse sweeping (with the left button held down) over that text so it's highlighted blue as shown.

    When you release the mouse button, the "quote me" will appear. If it doesn't appear, just keep trying until it shows up. (Curiously, I have found that if it still fails to appear, mouse sweeping it backwards (end to start) often works instead! :shrug: :snork:)

    Then click on the "Quote me" box and the text will appear in the message box complete with quote tags. Just make sure before you start writing, your cursor is outside the end quote tag which looks like this [/quote]


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