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How can I find my threads and posts?

Discussion in 'How To Use This Forum' started by Josephine, Jun 17, 2012.

  1. Josephine

    Josephine NURSE DIRECTOR, BONESMART Administrator

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    Jun 8, 2007
    The North
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    You find your own threads via Your Content in your User Control panel


    Everything will be shown and the search will tell you if each item is a thread starter or a post in someone else's thread


    You can find other people's threads by going to their post icon where their post count is a link.
    Click on the NUMBER and you get a list of their posts


    Alternatively you can watch your thread and then find it as here

    Click on here

    You get this message where you can choose to have an email alert every time a new post is added to your thread

    Then to find it you mouse hover over your name and click on Watched Threads in the menu that drops down


    And there you find your thread!

    If no posts have been added and there is a message "you have no unread threads", it just means they are hidden. Click on the "Show all watched threads" and they will appear.



    Unwatch thread
    If/when you want to stop watching a thread, there are two ways

    1. open the thread and click on "Unwatch Thread"


    Then you'll get this message asking you to confirm your request

    First go to your watched threads in your profile and click on "show all watched threads"

    1. select the thread or threads you want to unwatch and put a tick in the little box as shown
    2. click on the drop down menu and in the first group of options (With selected) choose "Stop watching threads"
    3. click on Go and the title should disappear from the list.

    If you want to unwatch multiple threads just tick all the boxes of those threads and continue

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